As an actor, I have been very much blessed to act within a community that was very supportive. I have been in many shows in my younger years while in high school, and as well as in college. While in college I acted many shows which includes Ike Hotler’s Nightrunner directed by Lisa Portes.
Photo Cred. Michael Brosilow
The cast features:
Vincent Banks (Danson/Zachariah/Ensemble), Noelle Daniels (Ensemble), Matthew Elam (Marcus),
Kayla Forde (Cora), Edward Hall (Mr. Lexington) ,Tia Jemison (Bessie/Ensemble)
Ki-Jana Moore (Ensemble), Courtney Peck (Angela/Rose/Ensemble), Jack Rhea (Ensemble)
Michael Russo (Luke) , Sola Thompson (Night Runner).
My other acting credits involve being in the Theatre School’s Musical Theatre Collaborative (MTC). I was also the head Musical Director for this club. These are photos from our production of Godspell directed by Janie Killips. 
Photo Cred. Gracie Meier